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Vocabulary List about Food

Below is a list of 50 words related to food such as fruits, vegetables and edible items. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to buy many food necessities from the supermarket or off the menu in a restaurant without a problem.

Food List in Italian

Food Italian
Breakfast Prima colazione
Lunch Pranzo
Dinner Cena
Meal Pasto
Apples Mele
Avocados Avocado
Bananas Banane
Beans Fagioli
Bread Pane
Butter Burro
Carrots Carote
Cheese Formaggio
Chicken Pollo
Coffee Caffè
Corn Granturco
Cucumbers Cetrioli
Eggs Uova
Figs Fichi
Fish Pesce
Food Cibo
Fruit Frutta
Garlic Aglio
Grapes Uva
Ice cream Gelato
Lemons Limoni
Lettuce Lattuga
Meat Carne
Milk Latte
Olives Olive
Onions Cipolle
Orange juice Spremuta d'arancia
Oranges Arance
Peaches Pesche
Pears Pere
Peppers Peperoni
Pineapples Ananas
Pizza Pizza
Potatoes Patate
Pumpkin Zucca
Salad Insalata
Salt Sale
Sandwich Panino
Soda (like Coke) Bevanda gassata
Strawberries Fragole
Sugar Zucchero
Tomatoes Pomodori
Vegetables Verdura
Water Acqua
Watermelon Melone

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