Learn German vocabulary shopping lesson

Learn German online shopping lesson

Vocabulary List about Shopping

Below is a list of 18 words related to shopping such as in the supermarket. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to buy many food necessities from the supermarket or the shopping mall without a problem.

Shopping German
Can you take less?Können Sie weniger nehmen?
Do you accept credit cards? Akzeptieren Sie Kreditkarten?
How much is this? Wie viel kostet das?
I'm just looking Ich schau mich nur um
Only cash please! Nur Barzahlung bitte!
This is too expensive Das ist zu teuer
Cafe Café
Cash Geld
Cheap billig
Check Scheck
Cinema Kino
Credit card Kreditkarte
Expensive teuer
Gas station Tankstelle
Museum Museum
Parking Parken
Pharmacy Apotheke
Supermarket Supermarkt

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