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Learn finnish online languages lesson

Vocabulary List about Languages, Nationalities, and Countries

Below is a list of 50 words related to languages, nationalities, and countries. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to have a good conversation about how many languages you speak or where you came from.

Languages Nationalities and Countries List in Finnish

English Finnish
Arabic (language arabiaa
Moroccan (nationality marokkolainen
Morocco (country Marokko
Brazilian (language brasiliaa
Brazilian (nationality brasilialainen
Brazil (country Brasilia
Chinese (language kiinaa
Chinese (nationality kiinalainen
China (country Kiina
English (language englantia
British (nationality brittiläinen
Britain (country Britannia
American (nationality amerikkalainen
America (country Amerikka
French (language ranskaa
French (nationality ranskalainen
France (country Ranska
German (language saksaa
German (nationality saksalainen
Germany (country Saksa
Greek (language kreikan
Greek (nationality kreikkalainen
Greece (country Kreikka
Hindi (language hindin kieli
Indian (nationality intialainen
India (country Intia
Irish (language irlantia
Irish (nationality irlantilainen
Ireland (country Irlanti
Italian (language italiaa
Italian (nationality italialainen
Italy (country Italia
Japanese (language japanin kieli
Japanese (nationality japanilainen
Japan (country Japani
Korean (language korea
Korean (nationality korealainen
Korea (country Korea
Persian (language persian kieli
Iranian (nationality iranilainen
Iran (country Iran
Portuguese (language portugalia
Portuguese (nationality portugalilainen
Portugal (country Portugali
Russian (language venäjää
Russian (nationality venäläinen
Russia (country Venäjä
Spanish (language espanjaa
Spanish (nationality espanjalainen
Spain (country Espanja

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