Learn Spanish vocabulary travel lesson


Learn Spanish online travel lesson

Vocabulary List about Travel

Below is a list of 31 words and expressions related to travel such as means of transportation, lodging and tourism. If you memorize them by heart, you will be able to get around the country and ask for directions much easier than if you did not.

Travel List in Spanish

Travel Spanish
Airplane avión
Airport aeropuerto
Bus autobús
Bus station central camionera
Car coche
Flight vuelo
For business de negocio
For pleasure de placer
Help Desk información
Hotel hotel
Luggage equipaje
Parking estacionamiento
Passport pasaporte
Reservation reservación
Taxi taxi
Ticket Boleto
To travel viajar
Tourism turismo
Train (noun) tren
Train station estación de tren
By train en tren
By car en auto
By bus en autobús
By taxi en taxi
By airplane en avión

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