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Learn korean online people lesson

Vocabulary List about People

Below is a list of 24 words related to people such as family members, siblings ... etc. At the end of the list, there will be examples where those terms are used in a sentence.

People in Korean

People Korean
Aunt 이모/고모_imo/gomo
Baby 아기_agi
Boy 소년_sonyeon
Brother 형/오빠/형제
Child (female) 여자 아이_yeoja ai
Child (male) 남자 아이_namja ai
Cousin (female) 여자 사촌_yeoja sachon
Cousin (male) 남자 사촌namja sachon
Daughter 딸_ttal
Father 아버지_abeoji
Girl 소녀_sonyeo
Grandfather 할아버지_hal-abeoji
Grandmother 할머니_halmeoni
Husband 남편_nampyeon
Man 남자_namja
Mother 엄마_eomma
Nephew 조카(남성)_joka(namseong)
Niece 조카(여성)_joka(yeoseong)
People 사람_salam
Sister 누나/언니/여동생
Son 아들_adeul
Uncle 삼촌/아저씨_samchon/ajeossi
Wife 아내-anae
Woman 여자/여성_yeoja/yeoseong

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