Learn Spanish Vocabulary food lesson

Learn Spanish online food lesson

 Vocabulary List about Food

Below is a list of 50 words related to food such as fruits, vegetables and edible items. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to buy many food necessities from the supermarket or off the menu in a restaurant without a problem.

Food List in Spanish

Food Spanish
Breakfast desayuno
Lunch Comida
Dinner cena
Meal Alimento
Apples manzanas
Avocados aguacate
Bananas plátanos
Beans frijoles
Bread pan
Butter mantequilla
Carrots zanahoria
Cheese queso
Chicken pollo
Coffee café
Corn maíz
Cucumbers pepinos
Eggs huevos
Figs higos
Fish pescado
Food comida
Fruit frutas
Garlic ajo
Grapes uvas
Ice cream helado
Lemons limones
Lettuce lechuga
Meat carne
Milk leche
Olives aceitunas
Onions cebollas
Orange juice jugo de naranja
Oranges naranjas
Peaches duraznos
Pears peras
Peppers Pimientos
Pineapples piñas
Pizza pizza
Potatoes Papas
Pumpkin calabaza
Salad ensalada
Salt sal
Sandwich emparedado
Soda (like Coke) refresco
Strawberries fresas
Sugar azúcar
Tomatoes tomates
Vegetables verduras
Water agua
Watermelon sandía

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