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Vocabulary List about Animals

Here is a list of 25 words related to farm and wild animals as well as insects. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to talk about pets you have in the house or farm.

Animals List in Russian

Animals Russian /
Animal животноеzhivotnoe
Bear медведьmedved'
Bird птицаptica
Butterfly бабочкаbabochka
Cat кот кошкаkot*koshka
Cow короваkorova
Dog собакаsobaka
Donkey оселosel
Eagle орелorel
Elephant слонslon
Farm фермаferma
Forest лесles
Goat козелkozel
Horse лошадьloshad'
Insect насекомоеnasekomoe
Lion левlev
Monkey обезьянаobez'jana
Mosquito комаpkomap
Mouse мышьmysh'
Rabbit кроликkrolik
Sheep (plural) овцыovcy
Snake змеяzmeja
Spider паукpauk
Tiger тигрtigr

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